White cheeses

At first Bastiaansen Bio mainly produced Dutch Gouda cheese. But Jan Bastiaansen’s interest in more specialised cheeses led to the development of a wider range of products. We continued looking at products to develop. The first speciality product which we developed and marketed ourselves, was white soft-ripened cheese.

Bastiaansen Bio brie is sprayed with a white mould after production which develops into a bloomy rind as the cheese ripens. This layer protects the cheese but also gives it its typical flavour. When Bastiaansen brie is ready for eating it’s at first quite firm with a mild fresh flavour but gradually develops a softer texture and a more complex flavour.

Bastiaansen Bio continues to sell a wide variety of white soft-ripened cheese. This range includes cow’s milk brie in 3kg, 1.5kg and 150g packs, goat’s milk brie in 1.5kg and 150g packs, and sheep’s milk brie in 1.5kg packs.

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