A passion for organic

What started out in the 1970s as a hobby, has grown into something a whole lot bigger. We are both a pioneer and a market leader in the field of organic cheese. One thing is clear; we have a passion for cheese. Especially organic cheese. To us cheese is much more than simply cheese. It is a world of cows, sheep and goats grazing outside in untreated pastures which are teaming with other animals and plants as well as livestock. It is a world of organic farmers who produce milk for our cheese with commitment and skill.


Our cheese is entirely natural, as are our production methods. Bastiaansen Bio cheese is organic, vegetarian and sustainable. We only use the best ingredients: no food colourings, flavour enhancers, preservatives or other additives. After production our cheese is given time to age, which allows its full flavour to develop. You can taste the difference!

Gezonde weiden

Een gezonde weide houdt zichzelf in evenwicht. En dat is niet alleen goed voor onze grazers. De verschillende soorten en lengtes in de wei trekken bijvoorbeeld ook weidevogels aan – waar er in Nederland helaas steeds minder van zijn.

In het korte gras zoeken ze voedsel. Tussen de hogere begroeiing kunnen ze schuilen en hun nesten bouwen. Ook zo helpt Bastiaansen mee aan een gezonde weide.