A barn is never as good
as a field

Which is why our farmers let their cows, sheep and goats graze outside. In fields full of grass, clover, wild herbs and flowers. Not only is it a beautiful sight, but it also provides the animals with a varied and healthy diet. Because our cows are only given organic feed they produce less milk, but it is much richer. And you can taste the difference in our cheese.

.. a healthy field
holds itself in balance

A healthy field is not only important to our grazing animals. In collaboration with the Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds (de Vogelbescherming), some of our farmers adhere to a special mowing policy. Letting the grass grow to differing lengths creates a habitat which attracts a variety of meadow and grassland birds, of which numbers are unfortunately decreasing in the Netherlands. The farmers also do their best to protect nests and young birds. Birds forage for food in the short grass, and longer grass offers them protection and a place to build their nests.

Through this collaboration a number of our farmers keep their land as natural as possible. By doing so they help to maintain and improve the numbers of birds in the Netherlands.