The dairy

Our dairies are where all the action happens. Here we develop our unique and innovative cheeses. Of course, we can’t tell you exactly what happens beyond the closed doors of our dairies. Because the secret of how our cheese with coriander and fenugreek tastes both mild and spicy at the same time, or why our aromatic red smear-ripened cheese is one of our best-selling varieties – well, they are just that, secrets. Secrets which have been closely guarded by Jan Bastiaansen.

Our cheesefactory in Molenschot

Because we understand that you are curious, we have taken some pictures. View them above.

De favorieten
van onze kaasmakers

Uw favoriete kaas wordt dagelijks met grote zorgvuldigheid gemaakt.
Vanzelfsprekend dus dat onze kaasmakers zelf tot de grootste kaasliefhebbers behoren.
Want alleen vanuit passie wordt het allerbeste geboren.
Ontdek de favoriete kaas en recepten van onze kaasmakers...